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Volksuniversiteit Den Haag is an institute for adult education which offers all adults opportunities for further development and training in languages, arts, culture, science and creativity. The course programme does not aim for formal qualifications or official certificates, but offers possibilities to spend free time in a useful way. Volksuniversiteit is open for everyone, regardless of previous training, age, religious, cultural or political background. For most of our courses a basic knowledge of Dutch is required, with the exception of the courses in Dutch as a foreign language. Visit Volksuniversiteit and enjoy lifelong learning!

Intensive Dutch beginners 1 course (last one before September)
Monday & Thursday 18.30-21.30 hrs, location Zuid57 (Zuidlarenstraat 57)
3 June to 8 July
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Language courses

Language courses are an imoprtant part of the course programme of Volksuniversiteit Den Haag. Would you like tot learn Spanish, English or French? Or perhaps even Chinese or Arabic? We offer about 30 different languages. Levels and teaching methods vary per course, but having fun is always a priority.

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Arts and culture courses

Art can touch and shock us and builds bridges between different cultures. On the course programme of Volksuniversiteit Den Haag, you'll find film, literature, architecture, painting and music, both in courses and lectures. We sometimes combine an introductory lecture with a visit to a museum or film.

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Man and society courses

Who are we? Why are we on this planet and in this universe? Why do we act as we do? How do I get to know myself? How do I keep developing myself? The courses in the category Man & Society try to find answers to these questions.
Experienced teachers help to acquire insight into historical and philosophical movements and bring out the best in yourself, including your career.

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Computer and Internet courses

Less than thirty years ago, e-mailing was something exotic and hardly anyone had a mobile phone. Now, signs along the motorway urge drivers not to call, text, e-mail or use Facebook when driving.
For those who grew up with computers, iPads and smartphones, it's a piece of cake. But if you want to get acquainted with them, Volksuniversiteit Den Haag can help you.
Learn from experienced teachers how to design your own website. Discover the importance of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in the introduction course on social media. With instruction and exercise, fear of technology can be conquered.

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Creativity courses

To put your finger in clay and mould it until your imagined figure gets the desired shape. Finally put to paper the story or poem that's been in your head for years. In a rough form at first and making it more concrete with the help of your experienced teacher and feedback from your fellow-students. It can be exciting, beautiful and rewarding to make with your hands what your brain conceived earlier.

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City Academy The Hague

The City Academy The Hague started out in 2009 and provides intensive courses in art subjects for ambitious students. The training consists of three years of drawing & painting lessons. You have classes once a week (on Saturdays) and are taught by different, experienced teachers.

The City Academy The Hague is part of Volksuniversiteit Den Haag

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Music school Zuid57

Volksuniversiteit Den Haag restarted music education in cultural centre Zuid57 with Music School Zuid57.

In small groups you can learn to play popular instruments such as piano, guitar, keyboard and singing. Most courses (both evening and daytime) consist of 16 weekly lessons which are held in the music studios of Zuid57.

If you prefer to take lessons (alone or with someone else) in an instrument which is not in our regular package, please contact us and we will arrange a teacher.

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In about three minutes you'll get an impression of what Volksuniversiteit Den Haag is and can do for you. The video includes comments from students and teachers. Video is in Dutch.

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muziekleerlingen in Zuid57


16 March 2019

In het weekend van 16 en 17 maart vindt in Theater Dakota het Ook van Jou Muziek Festival plaats. Op zaterdag 16 maart is er vanaf  14.00 uur in de theaterzaal een presentatie van twee Haagse muziekscholen. De leerlingen van Muziekschool Zuid57 en Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten laten zien wat ze hebben geleerd. De docenten spelen mee, maar geven vooral het podium aan de jonge muzikanten. Diverse instrumenten komen voorbij zoals piano, viool en gitaar.

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openingslezing Volksuniversiteit Den Haag


13 September 2018

Op woensdagavond is het cursusseizoen 2018-2019 geopend met een lezing van Prof. Gerard Strijards over de Brexit.
Wat zullen de gevolgen zijn voor ons kwetsbare landje, als Londen ons definitief de rug toekeert en Frankrijk en Duitsland eindelijk hun gang kunnen gaan? Hoe moet het nu verder, als Londen geen automatische partner meer kan zijn? Dreigt een negatief jurisdictieconflict in de rechtshandhaving? Op deze en dergelijke vragen ging prof. Strijards in tijdens zijn boeiende presentatie. 

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10 lessons of 3 hrs from Monday May 6, 2019 at 9:15 hrs

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8 lessons of 1,5 hrs from Monday May 6, 2019 at 18:30 hrs

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10 lessons of 3 hrs from Monday May 6, 2019 at 19:00 hrs

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6 lessons of 1,5 hrs from Tuesday May 7, 2019 at 18:30 hrs

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08 May 2019

3 x walks of 1,5 hrs from Wednesday May 8, 2019 at 10:00 hrs

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10 lessons of 3 hrs from Wednesday May 8, 2019 at 19:00 hrs

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Comments by participants of The Philosophical Year: Marieke: 'I'm much more conscious of how I look at things.' Jerry: 'I'm afraid I'll be slightly "addicted" to philosophy the rest of my life.' Lex: 'An enormous inspiration!' Marianne: 'It was very pleasant and inviting … despite the abundance of information!' Diana: 'SELF development was the surprise for me!' Henk: 'A great year!'
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cursusgids 2018-2019

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