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Book service Intertaal

You can order the language course books online from the Intertaal website: 

1 - Surf naar https://www.intertaal.nl/ 
2 - Click on [Studenten en cursisten = students and course participants]
3 - Click op [Bestel uw cursusboeken = order your course books]
4 - Select Volksuniversiteit Den Haag 
5 - You now see a list of our language courses. Click on the language you are going to learn. 
6 - Click on the specific level
7 - You now see the required books. Tick them and click on [bestellen = order].
8 - Make an account by filling in all information and go to payment

After your order, you will receive the books within 2-3 working days (when in stock). Please note that there may be additional postage expenses.

This LINK will take you to our list of language courses (point 5).