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Frequenty asked questions


I enrolled online and confirmed the e-mail you sent me. What happens next? 
After we received your enrolment, it will be imported in our course administration. You can receive different (automatic) messages:
- a confirmation that we received your enrolment
- a confirmation that we received your payment, also your proof of participation
- a message that you've been put on the waiting list
If you filled in an email address, you will receive these messages by email. If you don't have e-mail, you will receive these letters by post.

I want to pay for my course. Will I receive an acceptgiro? 
No, we don't send accept giros or invoices. You can pay the course fee by: 
- authorising a once-only automatic debiting; 
- iDeal when you enrol online.

Can I pay on the evening of my first class? 
This is only possible for emergencies and last-minute enrolments.  

I enrolled, but didn't pay yet. Can I lose my place in the course? 
Yes, if you don't respond to a reminder and/or telephone message, we can give your place to someone else.

I paid for my courses. Will I get a receipt?  
As soon as the course will go through, we will send you a 'proof of participation' which is also your proof op payment. If you need a formal receipt or invoice, please contact the secretariat.  

My employer will pay for the course. Can you send an invoice? 
Yes, we can. Let us know that you wish to receive an invoice in the 'Remarks' field on the enrolment form or send us an e-mail. State the company name, the person and the address we have to send the invoice to.

I enrolled for a course but the website states that it is full. Will I get a place?
If you enrol for a course which is booked up, we will notify you by mail or telephone. We will ask you if you wish to be put on the waiting list. As soon as we have enough people on the waiting list, we will try to organize a parallel course. 


Can I buy the books from Volksuniversiteit?
That is only possible on the Open Day (1st Saturday of September) when Intertaal will be present with a book table. The rest of the course season you can order the course books through their website. Please check Book Service Intertaal in the general information menu.Bookstore Douwes (Herengracht 60 near Central Station) has most of our course materials in stock).


Is Volksuniversiteit a ‘real’ university like Leiden University?
No, Volksuniversiteit is a not for profit foundation for non-formal adult education. There are no formal exams and certificates. We ofer opportunities to spend your free time in a pleasant and useful way.

Are Volksuniversiteit teachers qualified?
Yes all (language) teachers are qualified. Most of them also work for other schools and have much experience in education.

I don't live in The Hague. Can I attend a course at Volksuniversiteit Den Haag?
Yes, our courses are open to every adult (from 18 years).

I want to stop my course. Will you reimburse a part of the course fee? 
No that's not possible. (See general conditions.) 

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course? 
On request it's possible to get a statement that you attended the course. You must have attended at least 80% of the lessons.

Do students and elderly people get a disount?
No, only people with an Ooievaars pass (discount pass from the municipality of The Hague for people with a lower income) will get a discount.

Does Volksuniversiteit offer courses for children?
Yes, our department Music School Zuid57 ogffers music lessons for children.