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General conditions

The easiest way to enrol is online on this website.
You can also fill in an enrolment form at our secretariate during opening hours (see Contact). 
By sending an enrolment form you agree with our general conditions and commit yourself to pay the full course fee.

- iDEAL (online) 
- automatic debiting (course fee will be taken off your account within one week)

Refund of course fee 
When you enrol, you commit yourself to a complete course and the full course fee is due. The course fee will be refunded if you cancel your enrolment up to ten days before the start of the course. A cancellation needs to be confirmed in writing (by e-mail or letter). We will charge € 15,-  administration costs.
If you are too late for a refund, it is possible (after consultation with the secretariat) to have another person attend the course in your place.

A course participant who stops the course is not entitled to a refund of the unattended lessons. Exceptions will be made for long term illness, hospitalisation or bereavements in the immediate family (evidence needs to be provided). In those cases a refund is possible to a maximum of 50% of the remaining lessons.

Measures that we are imposed by the government and implement can never be a reason to cancel your registration.

Continuity of lessons
If in case of force majeure (such as a lockdown due to government measures) the courses cannot continue on location, they will be transferred to online lessons as soon as possible. This transfer does not entitle participants to a refund of the course fee.

Start and cancellation of courses 
A week before the planned starting date, we will decide if there are sufficient enrolments for the course to go through. The Volksuniversiteit is entitled to cancel or postpone a course if there are not enough enrolments. In that case, all enrolled participants will be notified at least one week (seven days) before the start of the course, and the course fees will be paid back. If there are not enough enrolments, the Volksuniversiteit may propose an adaptation of the course length or course fee. The Volksuniversiteit also has the right to appoint a different teacher to a course from the one stated in the course programme.

It is not allowed to bring pets to lessons. 

The Volksuniversiteit Den Haag is not liable for any damage to people and/or properties, nor for loss of personal belongings which can be connected in any way to activities organized by the Volksuniversiteit Den Haag, regardless of how this damage or loss was caused.