Volksuniversiteit Den Haag


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Zandvliet Lyceum


Zandvliet         Zandvliet-kaart

Evening location 
Christelijk Lyceum Zandvliet
Bezuidenhoutseweg 40
2594 AW Den Haag
For urgent matters, you can reach us here by telephone on Mon-Thu from 18.30-21.00 hrs on 06-82795201.

Zandvliet is about a five minutes' walk from Den Haag Central Station.

Parking in the neighbourhood is free after 15.00 hrs. Parking behind the school building is not allowed.

Please don't put your bike in front of the school but in the bicycle parking in the basement. The entrance is on the left side of the building. Your can enter the school through the bicycle parking.

Our classrooms are situated on the third and fourth floors. The classroom schedule can be found on the door near the main entrance and on the window of our evening secretariat.
The lift can be found in the auditorium on the ground floor.

Coffee and tea can be bought and drunk in the auditorium on the ground floor.