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Course number: 20-2561

Drawing and painting course - beginners and advanced

Drawing and painting course - beginners and advanced
Course number: 20-2561

On Wednesday evening 23 September the new curriculum will start. From 19.30-22.00 hrs in Zandvliet Lyceum at Bezuidenhoutseweg 40 in the Hague. From 19.00 hrs, there is free work, or perhaps you'd like to use this half hour to prepare for the lesson or to catch up. The teacher will be present. 

The course consists of 12 lessons of 2.5 hours. The course fee is excluding course materials. But for use in the same lesson, you can buy painting and drawing materials from the teacher. Substrates such as drawing paper and canvas boards can best be purchased in advance. We usually work on canvas boards, size 20 x 30 cm to 40 x 50 cm. For example, at Artifac shop you can purchase a sketch block with thin (120 gram) paper and / or go for a sketchbook with 180 gram paper. ( I love art or Paint on-techniques) 

Expats can also attend this course. A practical course such as this lends itself well to communicate in any language! 

After the introduction and material exploration, you will learn and apply visual concepts such as colour, shape, composition and perspective during short assignments. The aim at the end of these ten lessons is to learn to look at your environment and to show it in a personal way. Familiarity with different art styles and techniques will help.

In the next period you will experience the depth of your technique and representation through these skills. If you are advanced, i.e. you attended a course at Volksuniversiteit or somewhere else, the assignments are more free and you can also choose your own subject. 
Themes offered in this period are: 
- 'inside and out' (interiors, exteriors and still lives) 
- 'man and portrait' with so-called spatial sketches.

Wednesday September 23, 2020
12 lessons of 2,5 hrs start time 19:30 (click here for a full list of session dates and times per session)
Price: € 365,00 Payment in 2 installments is possible. (click here).
Tutor: Ms. M.A. (Mia) Westerhof
19:30 - 22:00
Location: Zandvliet Lyceum (click here for address details)
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M.A. (Mia) Westerhof
M.A. (Mia) Westerhof
Meer informatie over de docente en haar werk vindt u op: http://miawesterhof.kunstinzicht.nl/