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Cursuscode: 19-1122

Business English 1 Course

Business English 1 Course
Cursuscode: 19-1122

This short course is an introduction to Business English that is centred around its students. During this twelve week programme, reading, writing, listening and speaking will be covered in the Business English context, while the students will be encouraged to link their learning to their specific professional situation. 
Students will learn to actively read and analyse professional documentation and write and edit professional emails, reports and other documentation that they deem necessary. Speaking and listening will be covered with discussion, debate, analysis, meeting situations and telephone based scenarios. Throughout the course, grammatical support will be given with a focus on cultural nuances, pronunciation and sentence structure. 
When enrolling in the course, students will be expected to be at least at B1 English Level.

Course materials: To be bought after consultation with the teacher.

Dinsdag 10 maart 2020
12 lessen van 1,5 uur aanvangstijd 18:30 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 189,00
Mw. S. (Serena) Hillenaar
18:30 - 20:00
Locatie: Zandvliet Lyceum (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
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S. (Serena) Hillenaar
S. (Serena) Hillenaar
Serena is a native English speaker who has studied International Business, Italian and Education in English as a Second Language at university. After gaining experience in the private and public business and education sectors, she has recently moved to The Netherlands and is using her expertise to train non-native English speakers to succeed in the English speaking workplace.