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Cursuscode: 20-1101

Cursus Engels half-gevorderden 2 (B1-c+d)

Cursus Engels half-gevorderden 2 (B1-c+d)
Cursuscode: 20-1101

Deze cursus is bedoeld voor degenen die de eerste helft van niveau B1 hebben afgerond. Alle vaardigheden komen aan bod, maar spreekvaardigheid staat voorop.
We behandelen de tweede helft van Great! 3

Maandag 15 februari 2021
12 lessen van 1,5 uur aanvangstijd 18:30 (klik hier voor de lijst met data en tijden per bijeenkomst)
Prijs: € 189,00
Mw. drs. M. (Marloes) de Graaff-Ritsema
Boek: Great! 3, tekst- en werkboek plus online mp3s (klik hier voor meer informatie)
18:30 - 20:00
Locatie: Zandvliet Lyceum (klik hier voor de adresgegevens)
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drs. M. (Marloes) de Graaff-Ritsema
drs. M. (Marloes) de Graaff-Ritsema
I'm very interested in English language, literature and culture, and enjoy transferring my knowledge and passion through teaching. Because of my love for the English language and to discover the wealth of books that are produced in that language, I studied English at Leiden University. I started with sixteenth century sonnets and ended up writing a master thesis on humor in Native American literature. These two extremes are a clear indication of how wide and varied the extent of the English language is, not only in time, but also geographically as well as culturally. The next step was to become a Cambridge trained and certified teacher of English, so that I could share my love for English with all those who take an interest in the language. I hope to show my students the beauty, as well as the practical sides of English. I am convinced that by learning English the world in all its facets becomes their oyster.