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Course number: 20-1531

Dutch course semi-intermediate 1 (B1-a)

Dutch course semi-intermediate 1 (B1-a)
Course number: 20-1531

For many years, Volksuniversiteit Den Haag (Institute for Adult Education) has offered courses for foreigners living in The Hague and its surrounding area. Dutch, as well as French and Spanish (amongst others), is one of the languages spoken in the EU membership countries. 

The curriculum of Dutch as a foreign language (NT2) consists of five levels. These levels are indicated by codes from the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR): A1 (beginners), A2 (semi-beginners), B1 (semi-intermediate), B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced). 

Our courses and their corresponding levels: 
Beginners 1 (A0/A1)
Beginners 2 (A1/A2) 
Beginners 3 (A2) 
Semi-intermediate 1 (B1-a) 
Semi-intermediate 2 (B1-b) 
Intermediate 1 (B2-a) 
Intermediate 2 (B2-b) 
Advanced 1 (C1-a) 
Advanced 2 (C1-b) 
Advanced 3 (C1-c)

These courses are designed for those who have completed a secondary school education in their country of origin. They are also required to have at least some experience in foreign language acquisition. 
Please note: A basic knowledge of English is required to attend a beginners 1 course. 

Dutch as a foreign language (NT2) is in the same department as the other Modern Foreign Languages. Most courses encompass 30 teaching hours. We offer the following formats: 
- standard, 10 weeks, 1 lessons per week of 3 hours ; 
- intensive, 5 weeks, 2 lessons per week of 3 hours; 

The lessons focus on everyday language and its characteristics like listening, speaking, reading and writing. During the classes, you will listen to spoken Dutch on cd, read different types of texts, practise conversation and study the basic grammar rules and spelling. Knowledge of the Dutch culture is also a substantial part of the course as it will help you adjust to and understand the Dutch way of life. 
In order to successfully complete the course, it is necessary to do your homework and assignments for each next lesson (5-6 hours per week in a standard course and 5-10 hours in an intensive course). 
If you attended at least 80% of the classes, you will be tested at the end of the course in order to determine the required level. When the results are adequate, you will receive a certificate of the Volksuniversiteit. This is, however, not an official diploma but it will give you access to the next level. 
Without a certificate, it is only possible to start on a higher level after an oral intake test. You can make an appointment for a test through our secretariat. 

Dutch semi-intermediate 1 (A2/B1) 
In this course we will cover the first half (chapters 1-6) of the course book Contact 2. If you attended our beginners 3 course or reached the A2 level elsewhere, you can join this course

Thursday September 24, 2020
10 lessons of 3 hrs start time 18:30 (click here for a full list of session dates and times per session)
Price: € 264,00
Tutor: Ms. J. (Jolien) Wesselink
Books: Contact! - nieuw 3 - tekstboek, Contact! - nieuw 3 - werkboek (click here for more information)
18:30 - 21:30
Location: Zandvliet Lyceum (click here for address details)
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J. (Jolien) Wesselink
J. (Jolien) Wesselink