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Course number: 19-1972

Swedish course - beginners 2 (A1-c+d)

Swedish course - beginners 2 (A1-c+d)
Course number: 19-1972

The course Swedish beginners 2 will be taught from English and can be attended by non-Dutch speakers. 

Like Dutch and English, Swedish is a Germanic language and consequently relatively easy to learn for Dutch and English speakers. We will start with the course method "Rivstart" by Paula Lew Scherrer and Karl Lindermalm, which corresponds to the European CEFR-levels A1 and A2. The method aims at making fast progress so that students are inspired to an active and communicative language acquisition. We will deal with the basic grammar, but the emphasis will be on speaking and listening. We will also pay attention to Swedish culture.

A basic knowledge of the Swedish language (first half of level A1) is required to attendthis course.
We will deal with chapters 6-10 of Rivstart 1.

Thursday March 12, 2020
12 lessons of 1,5 hrs start time 20:15 (click here for a full list of session dates and times per session)
Price: € 189,00
Tutor: Mr. S. (Sebastian) Hertkorn
Books: Rivstart, werkboek, Rivstart, tekstboek (click here for more information)
20:15 - 21:45
Location: Zandvliet Lyceum (click here for address details)
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S. (Sebastian) Hertkorn
S. (Sebastian) Hertkorn