Intake Dutch

All Dutch courses are available for online enrolment. You can find all available courses here. 

If you are an absolute beginner, you can start at the beginners 1 (A1). When you have a little or a lot of experience already, and doubting which course will suit you best at this moment we offer an online intake appointment with one of our teachers. 

The fee is € 25. However, after enrolling to one of our courses Dutch we will refund the € 25.
The online intake conversation will last approx. 20 minutes.

These courses are designed for those who have completed a secondary school education in their country of origin. They are also required to have at least some experience in foreign language acquisition. Note: Some knowledge of the English language is required for following the Dutch beginners 1 (A1-a) and beginners 2 (A1-b) course 

Please order the intake HERE.